PE mats, green, with leather straps, with 200 g/m² basis weight, 80 cm height and 20 cm apron on the road’s side

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This polyethylene mat was made from the highest quality materials and riveted with solid leather straps. It provides an optimal level of greenery protection, which is essential in the winter road maintenance season. The road salt incorporates very toxic substances that negatively impact plant growth and development.

The polyethylene mat is installed by slipping on stakes and protects greenery up to the 80 cm level. Green mat with leather straps has an apron facing the road, thanks to which pollutants, such as slush, dripple back to the road.   Polyethylene covers are distinguished by resistance to changing weather conditions. Thanks to their solid workmanship, they can be used for multiple seasons. PE mats are used not only by urban greenery management institutions, but also by private individuals whose gardens are located near the road.

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