Garden greenhouses

Year by year, garden greenhouses are gaining in popularity among Polish people. The glass buildings have started to appear beside single-family homes, on plots, and even on housing estates in big cities. Why are greenhouses so popular? Why are they rapidly replacing polytunnels that have so far been the most popular choice? Why are we increasingly treating garden greenhouses as an alternative to traditional vegetable patches? First, every lover of organic food or farming hobbyist can grow a variety of fruits and vegetables. A personal greenhouse will also be appreciated by enthusiasts of exotic plants or herbal medicine. Thanks to this solution in your garden, growing plants becomes much easier. Garden greenhouses vary when it comes to dimensions and designs, which is why they can be a perfect fit for every garden.

Second of all, using greenhouses allows for creating optimal conditions for plant growth, i.e. proper temperature and the level of humidity. This leads to an increase in harvest and elongates the vegetation period, and also protects the plants from the impact of weather conditions such as winds or the sun’s rays.

Our changeable climate doesn’t facilitate cultivating flowers and other plants, including growing fruits and vegetables on a small scale. That’s why garden greenhouses come in handy. They help protect crops from cold temperatures, rain, and winds, allowing for the proper growth of plants regardless of the weather. When you decide to install a greenhouse in your garden, you are sure to benefit considerably from this investment.

Professional garden greenhouses for plant growing

A polycarbonate greenhouse is a high-quality tunnel that, thanks to its solid structure, has been replacing glass as the basic material used for greenhouse’s walls. A small greenhouse of this type constitutes the best solution for amateur crop growing both on a plot and in a garden. It is also a good alternative to polytunnels. Polycarbonate greenhouses are easy to install, solid and durable structures. Their width and length can be adjusted, depending on the needs and the capacity of a given model. The greenhouses available in our shop are a guarantee of optimal light transmission, perfect indoor conditions and durability. We also offer professional polycarbonate greenhouses of greater sizes. Your own home polycarbonate greenhouse is a solid structure that shows remarkable resilience to mechanical damage and protects your plants from unfavorable weather conditions (e.g. strong winds, rainfall, snow accumulated on the ground).

How to choose a greenhouse?

Given a wide variety of products available on the market, choosing a suitable home greenhouse is not easy. Garden greenhouses should be well-suited to the kind of crops that are to be grown. Also, the size of the structure needs to be considered before deciding. Another important factor that needs to be taken into account is whether the structure’s design is visually appealing and esthetic, as a greenhouse is often expected to play a decorative role in a garden. The originality of a greenhouse’s design always attracts attention, which creates an opportunity for enriching your garden.

Mini-greenhouses for your garden

A mini-greenhouse is a great choice in case you don’t have much space in your garden. The plants you decide to grow should be low-growing (e.g. cucumbers, tomatoes and other low-to-the-ground vegetables). The greenhouse of this type is perfect for growing seasonal plants because it can be easily dismantled and stored during winter.

Such a greenhouse can be fitted to the wall of a building, which is conducive to the growth of potted plants.

In order to make the best choice, it is advisable to ask specialists. We offer our customers professional advice on choosing a suitable garden greenhouse. As greenhouses are our specialty, we will answer every question that keeps bothering you, and we will also assist you in selecting proper products.

Danish greenhouses in our store

We are known as a general representative of the Danish company, Juliana Greenhouses, in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Juliana is a world leader in manufacturing top-quality modern greenhouses characterized by the precision of workmanship, visual attractiveness and high functionality. The greenhouses we offer will be a truly decorative addition to your garden. The Juliana mini-greenhouse will also meet your expectations concerning plant cultivation.

Every single garden greenhouse we have on offer looks esthetic, is easy to use and maintain, and is certainly durable. You can find, among other things, polycarbonate greenhouses which are a great alternative to traditional glasshouses. Polycarbonate options are much lighter than their glass counterparts, and they are practically indestructible.

Low-cost garden greenhouse

Feel free to check our cheap greenhouses and choose the most suitable product. Purchasing a greenhouse may generate many questions, so contact us to get additional information. We provide the highest-quality products at the best prices. You can buy garden greenhouses dedicated to amateur gardeners as well as professional tunnels. We offer delivery across the country. In order to ensure that the process of installing a greenhouse is conducted easily and efficiently, make use of a set of clear visual instructions enclosed.

For budget units and clients ordering large quantities, we apply price discounts. We invite you to negotiate prices.

Additionally on offer
Our company distributes garden greenhouses of the Danish companies Juliana and Halls made of aluminum, glass and polycarbonate.
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