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Resistance to bad weather conditions

Resistance to bad weather conditions

The highest quality

The highest quality



Easy assemblement

Easy assemblement

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worek nawadniający

worek nawadniający

osłona pnia

A few words about BSW

Our Company was founded in 2005, in the corner full of greenery, with the primary aim of serving it well.

We cooperate with institutions and agencies dealing with nature conservation in many Polish cities and towns that are concerned with the state of their environment.

We have also entered foreign markets with our products, so they are recognized and appreciated internationally.

We focus on manufacturing and selling products that protect public green space from the detrimental influence of salt which is used for winter road maintenance. Such protection is possible thanks to using our special polyethylene mats and coverings made of straw and plastic that isolate chemicals and snow from the greenery. The result of this becomes visible as soon as in the springtime.

We also produce watering systems for both public space and gardens. This is a perfect, automatic solution that serves the purpose of constant tree watering by means of ensuring deep soil moisture around the tree root system. One of the products we have on offer is a high-quality slow release watering bag “Aquadripes” (58 l) thanks to which your water-seeking plants can be effectively supported during dry spells. For shrubs and bushes, we provide suitably shaped watering bags “Aquadripes Junior” (80 l). All the available watering bags are made of the best materials and with the use of the most advanced technology, which allows for long-term use of our watering systems. We also offer a variety of tree trunk protectors that aim at securing plants when the grass between them is being mowed.

We are renowned for the high quality of our products, a fast turnaround for managing orders, comprehensive services, and competitive prices of each and every item. Our Company is still growing — year by year, we are offering a greater selection of greenery maintenance products, while increasing the number of satisfied partners and successful sales.

We also encourage you to visit our website at www.szklarnie-ogrodowe.eu where you can find a wide range of top-quality greenhouses and conservatories made by the Danish company “Juliana”.


Wygodne w użyciu i bardzo dobrej jakości worki do podlewania drzew. Stosuję już kolejny rok i sprawdzają się w stu procentach! Polecam każdemu, kto chce mieć piękny ogród nawet w suchych miesiącach!
Prowadzimy z mężem mały, przydomowy sad. Ogromnym wyzwaniem okazało się nawadnianie drzewek w trakcie suszy. Idealnym rozwiązaniem okazały się worki nawadniające od BSW. Drzewa otrzymują tyle wody, ile potrzebują, uzupełnianie wody jest łatwe, a do tego worki wyglądają estetycznie. Polecam.
Na co dzień zajmuję się utrzymaniem zieleni w jednym z dużych miast. Od pewnego czasu korzystamy z oferty BSW. Maty osłonowe doskonale zdają egzamin na wysepkach drogowych oraz przy jezdniach, osłony drzew i worki do podlewania ułatwiają utrzymanie roślin w dobrej kondycji przez cały rok.

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Additionally on offer
Our company distributes garden greenhouses of the Danish companies Juliana and Halls made of aluminum, glass and polycarbonate.
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