Anti-salt mats

In this category, we offer you anti-salt mats that perfectly protect the roadside greenery in the fall-winter season. There’s no doubt that this isn’t an easy time for trees and shrubs located near roads. The anti-ice road maintenance methods, such as road salt, have destructive effects on plants, damaging them and causing lesions.

For complete protection of roadside trees, lawns, and shrubs we’ve prepared special anti-salt mats. In our shop’s offer, there’s a wide range of anti-salt mats, divided into two subcategories:

  • Eco straw-foil anti-salt mats
  • Polyethylene anti-salt mats of various sizes

Anti-salt mats – high quality and the best protection

Thanks to products from BSW, roadside greenery will be protected against the toxic effects of road salt. We offer anti-salt mats made from the finest materials. They are almost trivial to use and install, while the quality of materials enables multi-seasonal use. Effective stopping of contaminations sipping from the road is crucial for proper plant growth and development. Anti-salt mats are very sturdy and resistant to mechanical damage and weather conditions. They are most often used by road maintenance crews, greenery maintenance services and other types of crews dealing with similar tasks.

We invite you to learn more about our roadside plant-protective anti-salt mats!

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Our company distributes garden greenhouses of the Danish companies Juliana and Halls made of aluminum, glass and polycarbonate.
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