Flexible garden pots

Flexible pots are a reliable product, showing up in both professional gardening and many households. This type of garden pots is made from high-quality porous fabric/material that enables free airflow. Thanks to flexible pots, plants get the chance for proper development with healthy roots and intensive growth.

In this category, we offer you flexible garden pots made from fabric and other materials (felt, nylon, cloth etc.). Solid reinforced stitches and handles allow for quick and hassle-free relocation. Flexible pots enable intensive plant growth. Thanks to many available colours, they can be matched to their location. Fabric pots help in regulating plants’ temperature – they keep them cool in summer and warm in winter. Breathable fabric enables perfect drainage and proper aeration. Flexible garden pots are also eco-friendly, reusable, and their soft construction allows for perfect fitting.

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Additionally on offer
Our company distributes garden greenhouses of the Danish companies Juliana and Halls made of aluminum, glass and polycarbonate.
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