PE made-to-measure covers 200 g/m2

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In BSW Shop’s offer you can find covers made of the highest quality materials. Such covers ensure that various products, especially plants or other items, are protected against unfavourable weather conditions, including rainfalls or low temperatures.

The cover made of coated fabric is soft, light, and resistant to UV radiation. The cover can be equipped with a convenient zip or a self-locking cable, thanks to which putting the cover on does not cause problems.

High-quality materials, made-to-measure covers

We ensure that our covers for any product you want are MADE-TO-MEASURE!
Thanks to this solution, you can be 100% certain that the product you order will live up to your expectations. The cover fits well, so you don’t have to bother to cut or adjust it — you only need to give the right dimensions and our specialists will take care of its proper size.

The made-to-measure covers available in our shop don’t require maintenance work during winter, which allows you to enjoy the comfort of using them without having to take any additional steps.

The main aims of using this products include:

  1. Protecting your garden equipment or plants against cold. Each layer of the cover lowers the freezing point even by several degrees.
  2. Protecting seedlings and plants against parasites and birds. Protecting spring crops.
  3. Protecting buds in early spring.

We all know perfectly how vital it is to provide our Customers with competent advice and solutions that are well-adjusted to their needs. We can guarantee that our specialists working for the BSW shop will be more than eager to dispel any doubts and propose options that will meet your expectations and prove to serve their purpose well.

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