Aquadripes 78l Green 500 g/m2 catalogue number G010

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Do you need a reliable solution that will contribute to the proper watering of planted trees? Do you care about solid workmanship and functionality, and your main intention is to save the time you have spent so far on hand watering?
Aquadripes 78 bags, of a weight of 500 grams, will fulfil this task. The proposed products are made of high-quality materials, which makes them resistant to external factors, including adverse weather conditions. With a wide selection of applicators for watering plants, including trees, you are sure to find a proposal that meets your expectations and needs.

In the offer of the BSW store you will find Aquadripes bags made of two types of material: stiffening and elastic, which further strengthens the product, making it adequately rigid and durable.

Aquadripes 78l product features:

  • working height: 104 cm,
  • total width: 102 cm,
  • 78 liter capacity when closed,
  • total capacity: 110 liters,
  • total weight: 1.2KG

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If you have a problem choosing the right solution, we guarantee professional advice and assistance provided by specialists. We take care of every aspect of the work we do, carefully verifying which solution will work best in a particular case.

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